February 17, 2006

More Bandwidth Theft.

This past week, an image from my Super Sentai World review was hotlinked by, a hugely popular site selling Japanese products. The result was that my site just got hammered with bandwidth for about 2 days. There was more traffic going through here than ever before, and since it was just from a hotlinked image used without permission, nobody was actually coming to That sucks. I didn’t make this website just so other sites can leach off my content. I made it so that people would come here! I have come to expect this sort of behavior from some of the more moronic people on myspace or xanga or whatever, but not from a professional site like JList.

I managed to get ahold of the owner and talk to him about this, but if circumstances were different this whole website could have been shut down due to the server overloading from that insane amount of activity. All that traffic I got absolutely nothing out of it. That site uses a picture on my webspace, and yet my site was getting the shaft until I brought the issue to the owner. Of course, it was not malicious at all on his part to hotlink the image, he just found it on Google and didn’t even think to ask if he could use it.

Bloody hell, people! You can’t just take whatever you want without asking! All those pictures you find on an image search actually belong to somebody! And that somebody could be paying out of their own pocket just so folks like you can look at it. At least have the decency not to steal it! Bandwidth is expensive, and nobody should have to pay for webspace just so some other clown can steal from it for their own purposes. That’s just not fair, so don’t do it!

If you have a website or a blog, than try to be more considerate of other people’s property. I tried to be nice to the owner of JList, and everything is cool now. But I can not promise that I’ll be nice to everyone.



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