April 4, 2006

Ad Astra recap.

I had an amazing time at the Ad Astra convention this Saturday. I was only there for a day, but a lot of stuff happened. I’m not going to write a full report for this, so I’ll try my best to collect all my thoughts right here.

This is a very “grown up” convention, for lack of a better term. I love going to comic book and anime cons, but let’s face it, there are a lot of obnoxious little brats there, of all ages, that sully the experience. Ad Astra isn’t like that. It’s lower-key, and everyone is there to have a good time without being annoying.

I saw this Alien vs. Predator fan film called “S.E.E.D.” Not bad for something done by amateur film makers. Really impressive costumes.

Pan told me, out of the blue, that I would be eaten by a shark. I replied that the shark would not continue beyond one failed attempt at a bite. No one was impressed.

They had an anime room there and I saw 4 episodes of Sailor Moon uncut. Hey, this show is actually pretty good! The edited version that DiC produced all those years ago really did the series a disservice.

All of the stage ninjas and masquerade crew worked really hard and I think we delivered a great show. Nothing really went wrong, and there were some incredible costumes. Some of the highlights included 2 Boba Fetts and 1 random Mandelorian Bounty Hunter, a Ghostbuster, Shaak Ti, a Back to the Future skit, and my favorite, Listerine: Action Hero.

We had a ninja pizza party after our duties were concluded. Gordon Rose even came by and joined us. It was fun and we were very noisy. Because this was a special occasion, I succumbed to peer pressure and drank a BAWLS. Just one bottle was likely the most caffeine I had ever consumed in my entire life, and I was feeling it afterwards with a bit of a buzz. I got home very late and was quite tired, but couldn’t sleep. So I watched Revenge of the Sith again. All told I stayed awake for more than 24 hours. Wasn’t really planning on doing that. Oh well.

2 girls grabbed me by the arms and dragged me onto the dance floor. The reality of this situation was slightly less exciting than this brief synopses would imply, but I don’t care because it sounds good. Heh heh.

The best part of the whole show for me was just being able to hang out with friends and people I know from conventions that I don’t get to see very often. I really do honestly think that I am a lucky guy. It was an awesome convention and I had a great time, so thanks go out to everyone who made that happen!



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