The other day I was in the local Toys R Us, checking things out as I usually do. There were these 3 guys there looking at the Transformers. I could tell that they were about sixteen years old because one of them mentioned that he was 6 when Beast Wars came out. These guys were really loud and obnoxious, as 16 year olds often tend to be when in a plural form. They were talking about how Transformers suck now, though it became woefully apparent that they haven’t had any exposure to Transformers at all in the past few years.

They were saying things like how Beast Wars was so much better than the new “car Transformers“, and calling the new series “the square ones” (!?). All of this despite two very glaringly obvious points. First, that the new series had beast characters, several of which were hanging on the pegs directly in front of them (neither of them being at all “square” in shape), and second, that the Beast Wars 10th Anniversary toys were just below were they were looking and they had no bloody idea.

I observed for awhile, morbidly intrigued by this train-wreck of a conversation, until one of them finally noticed that reissued versions of the Beast Wars toys they were talking about were right under their noses. Of course, this lead the conversation directly into how these figures were bigger and better when they were kids. For crying out loud. Once they figured out that these toys were released for the 10th Anniversary, they could not believe that it had been so long, and assumed that this had to mean the very original Transformers from back when they were first born. Right. The concept of time must be a very tricky thing for kids nowadays.

It took some composure on my part not to step in and set these guys straight, because it really seemed like they barely knew right from left at this point, but nothing would be gained from that. I was wearing my Decepticon hat at the time, and I’m positive that at least one of them noticed, but I shouldn’t be surprised that they didn’t ask me about anything. Let’s just not let the facts stand in the way of superior teenaged ignorance while hanging out at the mall, huh?

The really funny thing is that when I was 16 years old, the new Transformers were Beast Wars! People just like these clowns were saying that Beast Wars sucked and the old ones, the “car Transformers“, were so much better. Not me though! I was all over the new stuff, and I still am today.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.



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