You know, it’s been just over two weeks since I posted that open challenge to the whoever it was that kept on harassing me with petty insults, including calling me a little girl and saying I was scared, to send me an e-mail through, an address this person claimed to own themselves, but actually did not, prompting me to register it myself. The proposition seemed pretty fair and interesting for all parties involved so that we could get a dialog going and finally air all of our grievances in a productive manner. All I really asked for was this person to tell me who they were and why they hated me so much (two points they had completely failed to provide, along with what exactly they were trying to accomplish) , just so I would the benefit of actually putting a name to the idiocy. Otherwise the perpetrator in question was pretty much free to say whatever it was they felt like saying.

Now, maybe I’m biased but I look at this chance I’m giving and I see some pretty juicy stuff here! How many other webmasters would openly invite detractors to say whatever terrible things they wanted to say in such a blunt, unfiltered manner that went straight to the source? And not to mention make it as simple as possible to do so? One would think that someone who thinks I suck and likes to say that I am scared would be chomping at the bit to capitalize on such a direct line of attack presented to them!

And so, after two weeks, just how many e-mails were sent to

None. Not a single one.

Well, that’s not entirely true. There was one… from “Hotmail Staff“, telling me to “Experience the big difference with Windows Live Mail Beta” Now, I would never, ever, do such a terrible thing, but that doesn’t sound very insulting, so the point stands. Disappointing, but given the kind of people we’re dealing with here, not entirely surprising.

Well, who is scared now? I guess this is the part where I would make chicken noises in the general direction of anybody who doesn’t like what I do and only wants to tell me about it by flinging juvenile insults through a veil of anonymity. Well, far be it for me to be above doing that! So, then…

Bucka bucka bucka bucka!



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