September 13, 2006

All on the Table.

Once again, I am left without any suitable subject matter to discuss.

So, just for the hell of it, here is a picture of my desk.

Ninja's Desk

As you can see, there are Transformers here. They mostly serve the purpose of occupying the space to prevent people from leaving papers and other nonsense that I don’t want there. The fact that they look cool and represent interesting characters is mostly a bonus. Though, I do admit to using them to draw some inspiration from in my artwork.

Speaking of which… hmmm, is that new art up on the screen? Why, I think it is! What could it be, exactly? Stay tuned, young ones.

There is also Astro Boy, some exciting pens and pencils, by digital tablet stylus, and a USB powered fan. The camera flash has alerted me to the existence of some cobwebs in the upper left corner. I would take care of them, however on second thought they kind of go with the Spider-man action figures that are hanging just out of frame. So I’ll keep them.