October 16, 2006

A New Toy.

I have some money now. This is a stark contrast to the way it used to be, when I didn’t have money. For the most part I believe this to be a good thing.

So, I bought something that I’ve wanted for awhile. I got myself a portable DVD player. That is to say, I got a DVD player that is portable in the sense that it is small and has a screen and a rechargeable battery, not a DVD player that is portable in the sense that anything which can be picked up and carried can be defined as portable.

I got the Mustek MP72, and it’s working pretty good so far. It has a nice, clear picture for the most part. In addition to playing DVDs, it’ll also play VCDs, MP3s, and even some AVI video files, which is a nice feature. Here’s a picture:

DVD player with Robotech is more awesome than all Cheese.

Hey, look! Robotech is on! Kick ass.

I mostly got this for teaching. I used to bring my own full size DVD player to class every week so I could show anime fansubs that I burned onto VCD. The one I bought a few years ago still works OK, but you have to stick your finger in there like a dentist to open the disk tray. This new player should be easier to bring back and forth to work since it’s much smaller, and it should be more durable since it’s meant to be traveled with. Plus, I can take it with me to conventions to watch in line, and I don’t have to rely on those other screw-ups I room with at Anime North to bring one. Rock on.



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