November 6, 2006

You call that a CHALLENGE?

I got this e-mail a few weeks ago, and I figured I should share it.

I read your whole thing. I agreed with what you said,but your pics did suck. why don’t you get lessons. seriously you need to stop or improve. If you want to see some good pics E-mail me
Wow! My pics did suck, did they? I need to get lessons, do I? Just imagine how shocked and appalled this person would be if they had stuck around this website for long enough to know that I, in fact, give drawing lessons as a job! Stop or improve: Such incredible advice! Just think about how many people spend so much money on art classes when that is the only thing they need to know!

So, I can only assume that the person who wrote this is referring to the classic “Stupid People HATE Ninjatron!” article. I can’t imagine what else the original post could be referring to, and it does not appear that this person ventured any farther than that, as this e-mail was written as if that article was the only thing I’ve ever done. It is amusing that this person agreed with me and still found it necessary to write those insults. But what is really amusing is that, since I can only assume that this person didn’t look at anything else on the website, the only pics that this person ever saw were the ones included in that article… which are supposed to suck! They were obviously drawn that way on purpose as part of an ironic statement of self-parody that completely flew over this bozo’s head.

But most interesting is the challenge at the very end. Well, of course I want to see some good pics! So I did send an e-mail, stating that I assumed the pics in question were, in fact, drawn by this person who wrote to me. And yes, I did get some pictures, and I asked for permission to show them to all of my fans. So here they are!

Some Good Pics


Come on, you can’t compare the fully rendered digital paintings that I do to these simple icons. Yes, they are nice, and there is nothing wrong with them, but who cares? They’re not even in the same category as what I do. And I even thing that some of the purposely sucky drawings I did for that article are more artistically interesting than any of these. Furthermore, I seriously, seriously doubt that the person who wrote to me is actually the artist behind these images, since this sort of thing can be found all over the internet. And with that in mind it’s possible that neither of these three pictures was done by the same artist at all. But still, good try. While I am not going to encourage it, I do admit that it is nice to have this sort of nonsense appear every once in awhile. It gave me a laugh



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