December 21, 2006


Along with the new Transformers Classics line, Hasbro is also releasing a bunch more Minicons. These Minicons are all brand new, not recolours from Armada or anything like that. The packaging unfortunately makes no mention of the term “Minicon”, but make no mistake, they work exactly the same as previous Minicons and plug into compatible larger Transformers. While we’re still getting more cars and trucks and the sorts of things we’ve come to expect Minicons to transform into, we’re also getting beasts! This is pretty cool. The first wave has hit Canada, and during a sale last week I picked up the set that appealed to me the most: Dinosaurs!

Minicon Dinosaurs!

I ask you, what is better than little dinosaurs? Little dinosaurs that transform into little robots! The robot modes are actually pretty bizarre looking, and I’d rather keep them in their beast forms, but I think it’s neat that they are experimenting with these tiny guys. They add some variety while still fitting in well with the rest of the Minicons.

Battles made more epic with the addition of Dinosaurs.

“Ok, buddy, we can take this guy! I’ll go high and you go low!”
“Yeah right! He’s got freakin’ Dinosaurs on his legs! FORGET IT!”

In other news, the full trailer for next summer’s Transformers movie is now online. This movie really seems to be coming together! I’m impressed. It looks awesome. Maybe not as awesome as having little robot dinosaurs on your legs, but still pretty good.



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