January 4, 2007

A “Reoccuring” issue.

This is a message to the person who chooses to be known as “Reoccuring Former Jerk“.

I am honored that you continue to scroll through my gallery even though my artwork “bugs” you so much. One would assume that if my artwork were so unsavory that one would simply, you know, not look at it anymore. But since you have made return visits, I can safely claim that my artwork is successful, regardless of what you perceive the quality to be. After all, I just want people to visit my website, and you are helping me accomplish that by visiting again.

Now, if you continue to insist on undertaking the next-to-pointless task of critiquing artwork that was made 7 years ago, then it would certainly benefit you stance on the matter if you stop being such a bloody coward and simply tell me who you are. Leave a name. Leave an e-mail address. Send me a proper message instead of leaving your long rants in my guestbook where they do not belong. It’s not like I don’t already know who you are. I do! So just stop with the charade and come out with it.

Your critiques are interesting, and perhaps there is something to be learned here, but you have given me absolutely no method to respond or explain anything, and that’s not fair. A person who believes in what they say is not afraid to stand by their opinions with their name. Be a reasonable person and let’s have a reasonable conversation. So it’s all on you to make a difference if that is what you want to accomplish. If you refuse then it’s no sweat off my nose, because I, in turn, refuse to listen to anonymous criticism of my work, even if you can spell.

Speaking of which, you spelled “Reoccurring” wrong. Not trying to start a spitting contest here, but still, just throwing that out there.



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