January 7, 2007

Cutting Bill.

Kill Bill is on TV right now. It’s on the TBS network. The current network slogan for TBS is “Very Funny“, and they like to portray themselves as being a comedy network. Now, Kill Bill is awesome and it certainly has its funny moments, but I don’t think it’s a comedy. But it is “Very Funny” how edited it is. I started watching just out of curiosity to see how it would turn out after being pasteurized and reprocessed for television consumption. It’s still pretty bloody, all things considered, but some of the cuts are rather obvious. I kind of wonder why they even bothered. Interesting how, a few months ago, Kill Bill Vol. 1 ran on the CBC in Canada, pretty much uncut from what I could tell. This is obviously because Canadians are much more hardcore than Americans.

Speaking of which, the CBC is now airing Arrested Development on weekdays at 5:30 p.m. after The Simpsons. This officially makes the CBC cool, because Arrested Development is totally great. In fact, it really ought to be on TBS too, when you think about it.



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