January 18, 2007

Greatest Town Ever?

They say that you learn something new everyday. Not only have I just learned something new, but this new thing that I have learned is so unbearably awesome that I had to share it.

You see, there is a town in Colorado, USA, that has the most amazing name ever. It is a name I would never in a million years expect a town to be called, and yet all other towns wish they had names this cool.

The name of this town is DINOSAUR! That’s right, Dinosaur, Colorado. Just wrap you head around how amazing that is. It’s a real town. A real town called Dinosaur! The people who live there get the privilege of writing DINOSAUR on the return address of their outgoing mail. That’s just mind blowing! Why am I just learning about it now? Had I known much earlier, I would have made it my life’s mission to see that I relocate to this incredible land of Dinosaur.

I wish I lived there! Someone from Dinosaur, please invite me to your town and I will bring my Jurassic Park DVDs.



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