Yeah, so, if you haven’t figured it out by now, last week’s post about the Transformers movie sneak preview was my April Fool’s Day joke. The first video was obviously real, and you may have seen that running on TV by now. The other one was obviously not from the movie at all. It was a scene from the terrible and thus hilarious international English dub of the Japanese Transformers: Headmasters series. These episodes were made for the Japanese audience and based on the toys that the Japanese market was getting, and they never aired in North America. However, they were (badly) dubbed in English for other countries, and these English dubs have pretty much become infamous as some of the worst anime dubbing ever.

There are more English Headmasters clips that have been floating around YouTube, and here are some of my favorites. So the next time you feel like complaining about how your most beloved show has been butchered in the transition to English, give some of these a watch and realize that it could have been worse.

This one is great. Watch out for MILOOOOOO!

I wish I had a job that was this easy. “Darn!”

It’s so obvious why this is funny.


Some short previews for the upcoming Transformers movie have recently surfaced online, an will presumably be airing on television as well. There are two of them so far and they’re both pretty cool. Here’s one of them.

Well, I did some sneaking around and I think I have uncovered another movie preview that isn’t supposed to be viewed by the public yet! This footage has never been seen before. The imagery is really powerful and the dialogue shows a lot of depth to the story line, and I just have to share it to prove to all those doubters that this movie is going to be spectacular. I’m risking a lot by putting a link to the video up here on my website, but I just couldn’t keep it to myself. Watch this!

Awesome! This movie will seriously rock! Only a fool would disagree now!