May 2, 2007

The TFCon Wrap up.

Geeze, I’ve been so busy with posting on other message boards and responding to threads about the convention this post weekend that I haven’t had any time to update my own Weblog.

Well, anyway, TransformersCon was awesome. But I knew it was going to be awesome.

I won first place in the trivia on Friday night. I’m awesome. In the final round, I was up against a good guy from LA who has a website that I bought from a long time ago, and who I had met at BotCon 99 in Minnesota. One of the questions we had to answer was about a toy that I bought from his table back then. The circle of life is complete. I won a piece of paper with my name printed on it. Yay.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the comic. I even signed a few.

My art contest entry was finished just about an hour before I got there on Saturday. It was a bit of a challenge to even be ready by then. I stayed up all night with only a few hours of sleep. My printer wouldn’t print on the large paper I wanted to use, and when I switched to regular sized paper, it was out of yellow ink. Then I got a paper cut. But it was all worth it because I really wanted to finish, having started it a year earlier, and people really liked it so I got to talk to some cool folks about my art. It’s now on my deviantART account, so take a look at Cybertron Forever, featuring Vector Prime and friends.

While I was hanging around the art table and overheard another artist badmouthing the other art to his friend. He was saying things like how this was copied, that was cheating, his was better, and so on, all with a very whiny tone of voice. Then he looked at my entry and said “Oh, look at this anime! That’s copied from a poster!” (or something to that effect, I forget exactly). So I questioned him on it, not letting on at first that I was, in fact, the artist he was talking about. When I finally clued him in that this was my artwork, that it was most assuredly NOT copied from anything, and that I didn’t appreciate the insinuation that it was, he continued to insist that he had seen it before and that he had no reason to lie to his friend who was listening to him ragging on the other art on the table. Of course, he wouldn’t look me in the eye and say any of that. Probably because he was scared. And rightly so! After all, I’m Ninjatron, dammit. Anyway, I’ll just take it as a backhanded compliment that he thought the art was so good that it had to have been copied. I don’t sweat it, but that was pretty much the only negative experience I’ve ever had at this convention in all the years I’ve gone.

The highlights were definitely the times spent sitting with friends and chatting over pizza. On Saturday Michael Bell even joined us, and listening to him share his stories about the voice acting industry (without having to worry about any kids hearing it) was something I will not soon forget.

I didn’t buy anything. At all. Unbelievable, I know, but it’s true. Didn’t need to. I was there to see my buddies and promote my artwork, and that was successful on both counts. Looking forward to next year!

I’ll make another post when the comic I drew is available online.



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