So, some things happened at Anime North. Some other things also did not happen, such as alien invasions (to my knowledge), but for the most part I will talk about things that did happen instead.

I’ve been writing a report of sorts for the past little while, but now that I look at it I think it might be too much for just a blog post. So maybe I’ll save it for now and leave it alone. If people tell me they are interested, I’ll do a proper report with more detail. For now I will just point out some of the highlights.

So, the panels I was on all went ok. But in all but 1 of these cases, I was probably the guy who knew the most about the subjects at hand. So, it sounds arrogant to say it like this, but I guess it was a good thing that I was there. The Transformers panel, however, went really well. This is thanks in no small part to my buddy Larry, who I had asked to be on the panel a month ago.

I had something of a goal for myself to win something, hopefully a DVD, by answering trivia correctly like I did last year. I accomplished this goal twice! First was at “Totally Lame Anime” for knowing that the motif of the super robot anime Diapolon is football. Yes, it’s a football robot. For this impressive victory I was awarded the DVD “Beauty and Warrior”, approximately valued at $1. The second win was at Anime Hell, for knowing that the guest attending the convention that year who had worked on the English version of the original Ultraman was Peter Fernandez. The prize for this was a Kimba the White Lion DVD, approximately valued at $1. I was immediately asked by a girl in the audience if I would sell it for $4. Now, I love Kimba, but I just can’t say no to making a 400% profit off of something I didn’t even pay for. So I took the money and used it to buy ramen and a Red Bull for the next day. I’d need it!

I didn’t have a hotel room, so I went home on Friday and wound up slumming it on Saturday night. I stayed in the all night video room the whole time, saw a few recent shows, and laid down on a row of chairs to catch maybe 2 hours of sleep, tops. So much for the 6-2-1 rule. I was definitely not the only person who did that, most of whom seemed to have more success at sleeping that I did. I can’t say I’d want to do that again, but it was an interesting experience for what it was at the time.

Other interesting things were the live wrestling featuring Raven in the main event, the “Yakitate!! Japan” panel, the Worst Toon Challenge featuring the South Korean epic “Solar Adventure“, and seeing people I have not seen in awhile, even though none of those encounters lasted very long.

I bought stuff, of course. I took home the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Limited Edition with box (not available at retail until this week), GaoGaiGar Vol.5 (Not available at retail until later next month), and the live action Cutie Honey movie.

On Sunday morning I lost my Decepticon baseball cap at the hotel. I would really like to get it back. If someone has found it, please contact me. I will give you free artwork if I get it back!

All in all, the convention was pretty good. About the same as last year. In retrospect I can look at the things I did and say I had an enjoyable time, but while it was all happening I have to admit that I was pretty lonely and didn’t like it that much. I missed a lot of the people I would usually see at this convention who I either didn’t catch up with or were not there. I’m glad that I did the panels though, because that made things more entertaining and gave me something to do.

Anyway, that’s all I feel like writing about it right now. Enough convention stuff for awhile.



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