September 4, 2007


So, the news is out and it would appear that this is finally happening.

Live Action Dragonball Z movie to film in Montreal.

A lot of people have been talking about this, making their jokes, and acting like this is some kind of big deal. Well, come on now. Let’s be reasonable about this.

First of all, is anybody actually surprised that there is going to be a Dragonball Z movie? OF COURSE there is going to be a Dragonball Z movie. Such a thing has been written in the stars for ages. This should really come as a surprise to no one.

Allow me to explain why a Dragonball Z movie is so inevitable. There are certain things about the movie business that we know to be true. We know that Hollywood will latch onto just about any material it can and make a movie out of it regardless of whether or not it would logically work as a decent movie. Case in point: There is a movie called “The Brady Bunch“. Do you all know what the Brady Bunch is? It’s an old sitcom about 3 brothers and 3 sisters and their parents who marry. And they made a movie about that. So if such a film exists, then it simply stands to reason that it was only a matter of time before a movie based on Dragonball Z were to be made as well. In light of this reality, there needs to be a Dragonball Z movie for the world to continue to spin!

Of course it’s going to be cheesy. Is there any reason to expect anything else? It just wouldn’t be Dragonball Z if it wasn’t at least a little bit cheesy. The alternative would be to make it really dark and dire, or just remove all the fantasy elements entirely, and I’m thinking that would be pretty stupid. For this to be a movie that really is “Dragonball Z”, and not just another martial arts film that happens to have that name attached to it, we’re all going to have to eat a little cheese. I have absolutely no problems with that. Just because it’s going to be cheesy, doesn’t mean it should not exist.

People think they are funny with all their punch lines about how it’s going to be nothing but 2 hours of powering up and 5 minutes of fighting, or other such nonsense. Ha ha. Very funny. I’ve only heard that 500 times since the news broke. Yes, and go ahead and make fun of how all the characters are going to be talking in Canadian accents too. That’s real original. Don’t let your limited knowledge of Canadian geography and the fact that other movies, such as “300“, were also filmed in Montreal stand in the way of a lame joke that no one wants to hear.

It’s frustrating yet amusing how people have been essentially making fun of this movie before a single frame has been shot. I suppose that sort of thing is to be expected in this day and age. But people are acting like they aren’t interested in seeing it at all, and that is the biggest joke ever. You will all be in line at the theater just like everyone else. Even if it’s a complete train wreck, you’ll be there, so don’t go and act like you won’t be. It’s Dragonball Z, and while I’m not going to say that it’s definitely going to be an awesome movie, I will say that they’d have to screw up awfully hard to make a movie about Dragonball Z completely devoid of any entertainment value.

So, I say, bring on Dragonball Z – The Movie. It doesn’t even matter if it’s any good. Let’s have it as cheesy as possible with insane martial arts, crazy costumes, and over-the-top dialogue. The movie will be made, and then we can all watch it and move on with our lives, knowing that it happened.

But what do I know? I coincidentally wrote this while wearing a Dragonball Z T-Shirt. Maybe I’m biased.

PS: It’s over Nine Thousand.



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