January 12, 2008

The Graps.

Some wrestling related musings.

I finished reading Bret Hart‘s book yesterday. It’s a solid read, and especially entertaining when taking into account that I’ve seen so much of what he was writing about, and reading this book affords a glimpse into what was going on behind the scenes. But all in all, it’s a very dreary book. I sort of knew that it wasn’t going to be all roses and sunshine considering that Bret and the entire Hart family have been through a significant amount of trail and tragedy. But even beyond the obvious examples of the Montreal Screw Job and Owen’s death, Bret writes about many topics with a bitter tone. He doesn’t paint a very flattering picture of his siblings, his wife, the wrestling business as a whole, or… well, very much of anything really. Still, it goes without saying that this book is pretty much a must-read for any wrestling fan. I’m not sure how accessible it is to anyone who isn’t a knowledgeable fan, but I speak that language so I got everything.

In other news, I now own a copy of Fire Pro Wrestling Returns for PS2. For those that don’t know, Fire Pro is a long-running series of wrestling video games from Japan which have tons of wrestlers from all over the world, (all under phoney names to circumvent any copyright violations) as well as an incredibly deep edit mode where just about any other wrestler can be created by the user. Aside from 2 entries on the Game Boy Advance, this is the first time a Fire Pro game has been localized in English, but the series has gained a huge following despite its relative inaccessibility to the Western world. It’s got a steep learning curve, though, and it’s going to be awhile before I’m able to master it enough to play it intuitively. I’m most looking forward to really pushing the edit mode and coming up with some crazy new characters, like monsters and super heroes. I’ve already made Hulk! No, not Hulk Hogan, I mean the green guy. It takes a long time but the results should be worth it.



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