Do I really even need to talk about Jack Thompson? At one point he was pretty much public enemy #1 to anyone who has ever picked up a video game controller. He still is, to a certain degree, though I imagine that he likes to think he’s done more damage in favor of his cause than he actually has. He likes to con the media into making him come across as some sort of expert on the dangers of video games, and, like a vulture he latches on to any tragedy that he can in order to blame video games on all the world’s evils and, by proxy, increase his own public profile. Nowadays he’s pretty much just reduced himself to being a joke. An annoying joke that just won’t end, but still a joke that can be made fun of.

Hence this catchy tune. It’s been stuck in my head since I first heard it, so now I need to share it with you all. Guaranteed you’ll be singing it tomorrow!


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