April 7, 2008


I just recently got a copy of Tetris for Nintendo DS. I’ve always loved Tetris, ever since I first played it on the PC shortly after it became available internationally. The DS version has been around for awhile but I hadn’t gotten around to picking up a copy. Now it’s getting harder to find so I decided I should get it while I still could.

While I can say that I am a Tetris veteran with years of experience, this DS edition is no walk in the park! It’s incredibly intense. I don’t think I’ve ever been so sore after playing a video game. The “marathon” mode just absorbs your entire body into the game to the point where you have no idea how hard you are gripping onto the machine or how much your thumb hurts from pressing the A button to rotate the falling pieces. Even though there are several changes to the core Tetris formula that make it easier, including being able to see the next several pieces to fall, the difficulty becomes extraordinarily high as you continue to play. I have yet to reach the goal of 200 lines, with my highest count falling short at around 175 before the screen fills up. It’s fun but I can’t play it for too long, otherwise I’ll hurt myself. Luckily there are other modes in the game that add some variety, including a nice relaxing “Touch” mode where you arrange blocks using the stylus, but it’s the classic mode that I always come back to.

I think Tetris is pretty much the greatest video game of all time. Even after all these years, there are no first person shooters or MMORPGs that can possibly deliver the kind of white-knuckle experience as a round of Tetris. And yet it’s so completely accessible and easy to understand that even grandma can play. It’s the universal video game.

So now I have a craving. I need to play Tetris again right now.


Writing this post must have been good luck!
Final score: 277976 points.


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