As usual, I had a blast at TFCon. But maybe this year was the best year yet! I had an awesome time. Didn’t need to buy anything, I just enjoyed the convention.

Everybody really loved the comic. I was slightly taken aback by the positive response. It gave me a big boost and made the hard work I put into it worthwhile. I gave voice actor guest Gregg Berger the only copy I printed and he was thrilled by it. He was totally a cool guy and a class act all around.

Great to see all my friends there, and to make new ones. People came from all over the place and everyone had a good time.

Now for some freaking serious business!

On June 14th, while I was still working on the comic, I got this awesome message through my contact page.

Hey weaboo, some of us are coming up from the west end to Transformerscon to make sure you don’t act creepy around people…. I see your art still sucks. Why do you even BOTHER with Transformers…. your so mainstream gay now.

Wow, in the 11 years that I have had my own website, I’ve gotten TONS of hate mail. But I had never gotten one where the sender claimed to be going to the same place as I was going with the sole intention of making sure I don’t act creepy around people. That’s big. That’s epic!

But, nothing happened. That’s an EPIC FAIL for the WEST END.

Too bad, I was looking forward to destroying having a conversation with someone like this in person for the very first time. I was somewhat disappointed, but not entirely surprised. I figured nothing would happen. Even though I wasn’t that hard to find (having been wearing a shirt that said “Ninjatron” on the back and “SykoGrafix” on the front, and having been twice pointed out to the audience at the script reading where I was showered with applause), but at no point did anyone come up to me with anything bad to say, nor did anyone attempt to stop me from exercising my cultural rights as a ninja through acting creepy. Oh well. It could have been fun to be confronted by someone like this, but I guess these Internet Tough Guys from the WEST END chickened out after seeing my Super Saiyan-esque golden mane. Yeah, that’s what I’ll go with. They would have been stupid to have started any shenanigans with me anyway. TFCon is pretty much the only place on Earth where just about everyone knows me and likes me. Not that I would have needed much help because history has proven time and again that I own, or rather, “pwn” anyone who’s attacked me and been an idiot about it, and real life would be no different. What did they think was going to happen?

Anyway, TFCon was fun. See you there next year.


So, I’m finished the project that I had mentioned last post, and now I can talk about it. If you have not figured it out by now, once again I provided illustration duties on the TFCon prelude comic. However, due to time restrictions, it was decided that instead of printing the comic, it would be shown online a week before the convention. I didn’t have much time to finish, as I only had 3 weeks to fully complete 6 pages, but having it online instead of in print did afford me the opportunity to work with color and have it online for viewing by everyone. So take a look at the TFCon 2008 Prelude comic “Ground Effects”!

It’s not everything it could have been, but I pretty much went far beyond the threshold of human endurance to finish on time, and I’m paying for it now. I needed 2 Red Bulls to help me along towards the end, and by the time I was finished, I was really messed up! So I hope you enjoy it! The story will be concluded in the Live Script reading with Greg Berger, and even I don’t know what’s going to happen next. See you there at TFCon in Toronto this weekend!

In less important news, today is my birthday. I am now much older then I was before. I have no energy to party.

Also, it has been 11 years since the first incarnation of SykoGrafix hit the web. This makes me feel even older. Kids these days with their Web 2.0. Well back in my day…. zzzzzzzz….