July 16, 2008

Hockey Scores.

You all know how much I *love* Hockey, right? Well, this you’ve got to see.

The CBC network lost the rights to the famous and apparently important theme music to “Hockey Night in Canada“. So, they are holding a contest where anyone can submit their musical entry to be voted on by the public for a chance to become the new Hockey Night in Canada theme music.

Normally, I wouldn’t care about such a thing, but now I do. The top rated, most viewed, and most commented on entry of the contest is called “Hockey Scores“, and it’s written by Logan Aube, a friend of mine who actually appears in a few articles on this website. His submission for this contest absolutely moved me in ways that music has never done before. It’s no wonder that it is so far ahead of the competition. For some unfair reason, most likely jealousy, the entry was taken down, then reinstated, but then taken down again, only to finally be reinstated for good. It has already been epic. Make sure you listen to what will surely be an important part of Canadian history.

This music is awe inspiring. I can’t get enough of it, and listen to it several times a day. You can see the CBC contest entry page right here, and when you do, make sure you vote 5.

There is also a music video on YouTube, which perfectly captures the spirit of Hockey in animation.

Make sure you vote 5 for that too. For great justice.

Also Digg.

This is the music that hockey fans deserve. Let’s all pull together and work towards getting this incredible music on television!



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