October 20, 2008

Blue Lizard Special.

Sorry folks, I just haven’t felt much like blogging these days. Everything is fine, I just feel more like playing Spore instead. I find it much more interesting than this regular, normal, boring Earth.

Did you know that here on Earth, there are no such things as two headed blue lizards with space ships? That’s ridiculous! But on the planet of Ninjapocalypse, they are the dominant species! They are known as the Ultimate Sykogriphik, and they are warriors on a galactic scale! They have a vast empire of planets, full of things like evil buildings, cool vehicles, and robotic dinosaurs. They mine spices of every colour imaginable, creating wealth beyond your wildest dreams. But if any aliens make them mad, or are just annoying, then the Ultimate Sykogriphik will simply destroy them. And they do all of this because I tell them too, for I am their creator!

I also made some Pineapples. I think they are nice.



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