November 25, 2008

Latina Lovers

Haven’t felt much like blogging here this month. Things have been different what with the upcoming move. But now I have an interesting story to tell.

In the summer of 2006 I put my Cupacabra artwork up on deviantART, before I ever added it here. I guess you could say that it got pretty popular there, since there are a lot of people into that sort of artwork and my piece would come up as a search result when people are looking for chupacabra pics.

Anyway, a little over a month ago I got a comment from someone working for Latina Magazine, who was looking for artwork of a chupacabra for an article. So I was asked if it was ok for the magazine to publish the art and if I could provide a high resolution image for them. So, I figured why not? I sent the original artwork, and now that the issue has printed, they sent me a copy of the magazine. So, here it is.

Latina Magazine
Yep, it’s Latina Magazine all right. A magazine for Hispanic women. Not something that this Canadian fella would ever think about owning, but here it is. This is the December 2008/January 2009 issue. Hey, it’s Eva Mendes! Right on.

Latina Magazine

This is the page my artwork is on. Can you see it amidst everything else that’s going on? Yeah, it’s a tiny little spec on the left side. I was kind of expecting something a little bigger. Let’s take a closer look.

Latina Magazine

There it is along with a little blurb. Seemed like a lot of trouble for them to remove the background. Doesn’t really do the artwork any favors, since I had lighting effects in there, but whatever. I’m credited along the inside of the page with my website and dA account.

This sort of thing is not really what I ever expected to be my first taste of national publication, but it’s interesting all the same. I originally did this artwork for some other project that has probably never materialized for all I know, and I did it for free just for the experience. It’s good that someone else got some use out of it, and that it’s out there for the (latina) world to see. While I doubt that this is going to provide my career with the sort of boost I could really use right now, it’s cool all the same.

Besides, I got a free magazine with Eva Mendes on the cover. Score!

Latina Magazine: BIG TIME.



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