January 28, 2009


Today I bought the Bluray version of “Hulk VS“, the new animated movie from Marvel. It’s comprised of two short films, Hulk VS Wolverine and Hulk VS Thor. I enjoyed them both very much. The animation was cool and both stories each had their own unique tone. Of course, if you’ve been following the project then you know that the main reason to watch it isn’t to see Hulk, or Wolverine, or Thor. It’s to see Deadpool! And yeah, he’s pretty awesome. So, Hulk VS gets a thumbs up from me.

I like Hulk has a character, but my view of him is forever tainted. Towards the end of December of 2007, there was a big family get-together and I was hanging out with my cousins, some of whom are quite young. One of them, a 5 year old boy genius, was talking to me and said something about “Hoak“. I was like “Hoak? Who is Hoak? What is Hoak?” and he said “Incredible Hoak!” I laughed so hard. That, for some reason, amused me to no end. I know, that’s just how kids talk, but I honestly had no idea he was trying to say “Hulk“. So we all had him telling us stories about “Incredible Hoak”. I guess you just had to be there. But a few months later I would be reminded of this almost everyday, when the Incredible Hulk movie came to theaters. Every time I saw a commercial for it, I would be reminded of “Hoak” and start laughing. I liked that movie too. But somehow I think the adventures of the “Incredible Hoak” might be more entertaining than anything.



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