Who is this? I do not know. So I call him Garage Door Opener Man.

How do I have his picture, you may ask? Interesting story. Gather ’round and I shall tell you a tale.

I just bought an 8 gig Micro-SD card. the device I need it for uses Mini-SD, which is harder to find, not as commonly used, and a little more expensive than Micro-SD. I figured I’d just get a Micro-SD and a Mini-SD adapter. I went to an electronics store to find a suitable adapter, but they did not have one on its own. They did have a package that included a 2 gig Micro-SD card and several adapters, and it just so happened to be on sale. The clerk I spoke to said that if I wanted to buy one that has been opened and returned, he’d give me a further discount. So, thinking that having an extra Micro-SD card handy wouldn’t be such a bad thing, I took the offer. When I got home, I plugged the card in to see if anything was on it, and along with a bunch of pictures of houses, I find this guy. Whoever bought the card before me did not erase it before returning it.

Somehow I knew something like this was going to happen, but I was hoping for something at least a little bit more exciting. Though, if it was something more exciting, I’d probably keep it to myself instead of posting it here.

And so now, Garage Door Opener Man shall become a legend throughout the Internet. Feel free to take this image and desecrate it however you see fit.

I hope you’ve all learned a lesson from this.



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