It’s Canada Day. Rock on, Canada.

Here are some pictures from last week’s excusuion to the Toronto premire of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

A special guest made an appearance near the theater.

Bumblebee in Toronto

It’s Bumblebee!

Bumblebee in Toronto

Here are my ninja minions and I with Bumblebee just outside the AMC theater on Dundas in Toronto.

Ninjatron and Bumblebee

And here is me and the bee.

Manformers: Optimus Pride

This is… interesting. Coincidentally, it was Pride Week in Toronto the same week as the ROTF release. Somebody decided to combine the two concepts together and so now we have a chalk drawing on the sidewalk of Manformers: Optimus Pride. It seemed to be quite popular.

It’s quite interesting to me that ROTF has been making money like crazy yet has been so savaged by the critics. Sure, there are many things I didn’t like about ROTF, but I think it’s much better than the first Transformers movie, which was generally well liked by the critics. There has never been a gap this wide between the general audience and the critics. I am greatly amused by the fact that this rift has been caused by Transformers, a movie based on a toy line. That is awesome.



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