August 2, 2009


Look at what I got!

Transformers Universe Chevy Aveo Swerve

Right, so for those of you who think that this is just another Transformers figure, allow me to fill you in.

This figure is Swerve, from the Transformers Universe line. It transforms into a Chevy Aveo, and is fully licensed by General Motors. In fact, GM owns the distribution rights to this figure. There is no way to buy this guy in a store. The only way to get one is directly from GM on certain dates in specific locations.

Luckily, GM has been running a promotion in the Toronto area this summer, and it hit the Eaton Center this weekend. So, I made my way over there, filled out a survey, and walked away with this extremely rare and highly coveted new addition to my collection. It’s over now so don’t bug me to get one for you.

There was no packaging at all, so I didn’t feel bad about transforming him. For such a rare figure with limited availability that was given away for free, it sure is cool! This is a 100% new mold figure, not made from preexisting parts. It’s pretty crazy to think that something like this would exist. His details and proportions are quite unique, and sort of look like a cross between the style of modern Transformers and the movie aesthetic. He does not come with a weapon, no can he really hold one as his hands are sculpted in an open position. I will simply theorize that he is so awesome that he does not need a weapon.

They are selling for a lot of money on eBay. Only a few other place on Earth have gotten this promotion, as far as I know. It hasn’t even really hit the US yet. I’m not selling mine though. It will stay here, taunting the other robots over their lack of resale value. Because that’s just how Swerve rolls.



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