August 15, 2009

Drawing with Kids

So my cousin got married last weekend. It was suggested to me by another cousin that I should write a report about the wedding and present it as a wedding present. This was a good idea that I had not thought of. I would have taken notes if I had the foresight. But, as the ceremony progressed, I knew from my own internal commentary that there was no way I would ever write any of it down. It was just too evil and cruel. Funny, but evil and cruel. Since this took place in a church, I wasn’t about to risk anything by violently satirizing the proceedings. Therefore I’ll just keep my thoughts to myself.

I’ve been quite busy teaching this month. I started a new teaching job at a local art academy not too far from where I live. It’s a Comics and Animation program for young kids. The class sizes are kept small and they seem to be interested. I’ve been having fun so far. This month’s classes are sort of a preview of what’s to come, and should there be enough new students, things will really kick off next month in a big way. I’ll talk more about it later.

This past week I also taught the second of 2 summer camp cartooning lessons at the private school I’ve been working at. It was much easier on my throat than the first one. I taught around 90 students over the course of the day, from grades 1-8. Some of these students were quite interesting characters.

There was one little girl who drew some kind of scary faceless monster and explained to me how this was a creature that was haunting her nightmares. It was interesting that she would share these things with me, someone she had never met before. So, I suggested that she try dreaming about a baseball bat to hit it with.

There was another girl in one of the older classes who was very short and presented me with a piece of green construction paper with symmetrical slots cut out of it. This likely originated from some sort of earlier craft project. She says that she made this for me. I said that I had just gotten there and we didn’t even know each other. So she shakes my hand and introduces her self. How cute.

Even funnier was this little boy with gigantic ears and a funny voice who asked if I could draw a “bawed“. I said “A baw-ed? What’s a baw-ed?” before eventually figuring out that he was saying “bird“. Yes, these people actually exist!

I think the other teachers got more out of the class than the students, but everyone had fun so mission accomplished, I guess.



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