September 16, 2009

Stupid Samurai = Epic Fail

It’s been about 2 weeks since I put forth the challenge to the former art student known Stupid Samurai, giving him the perfect opportunity to focus his attacks and insults in a place specially designed for just such a thing. Plenty of time for him to grow some guts, load his ammo, and come at me with his greatest attack yet. I am not at all surprised that he decided to remain a coward, even though it was his idea to sign up for my largely inactive message board in the first place (which he completely failed at, by the way).

Look, I talk a big game, but I’ve got no delusions about who I am or what I do. I am the first to admit that my artwork isn’t perfect, and I have had a number of students who I tried to teach but the lessons just wouldn’t stick. That’s life. If somebody has a problem with that, and they want to confront me about it, fine. Do it! But is it to much to ask those people to do that the right way? To stand up for your own words with an actual name and e-mail address? To say your point without resorting to disgusting insults? To actually make the attempt to use proper spelling and grammar?

Well, what would be the fun in that, right?

But still, why is it that 99% of the people who have a problem with me refuse to do these things? What does that say about them? If they can’t be bothered to put forth the small amount of effort to express themselves properly, why should I be bothered by what they say?

The Stupid Samurai (it is still amuses me how he refers to himself that way) is just another in a long line of these cowards. Even when given the chance to debate with me, to validate what he says, he would rather hide behind a wall and throw rocks. Not a very samurai-like thing to do, leaving the “stupid” as the only accurate part of his name. And because he hides behind that wall, the rocks he throws always miss. He’s got no aim. He’ll never hit me, because not only are the things he says crude and relatively baseless, but also because the content of his character invalidates anything he says.

Oh yeah, plus the fact that he’s saying all these things about me based on what happened 6 years ago as if it’s still relevant. And he calls me pathetic? Ha!

So this is the final word I have on the sad tale of the Stupid Samurai. It’s too bad, because I would really have enjoyed the chance to have a conversation with someone who hates me this much. It could have been an enlightening experience, and perhaps I could have learned something. But hey, if he would like to prove me wrong, then he should know that the offer is still on the table. I’m sure that he finds all this amusing in his twisted, jumbled logic, what with his obnoxious overuse of terms like “lmao“, but I’m serious about it. If he really means what he says, he’ll post on my board and I’ll listen to him.

But he probably won’t. Because he sucks. lmao.



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