I am totally blown away by the sheer awesomeness of this incredible trailer for “Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie“. This is some kind of huge Ultraman movie featuring many characters from the entire scope of the 40+ years of the Japanese franchise. Being around for so long, the Ultraman mythology has become quite complex, and much of the information about it hasn’t always been easily accessible in English. I know a fair bit about it from my own reasearch but nowhere close to everything. I don’t really recognize everything going on in this trailer, but I know enough to be able to tell that whatever is going on here, it’s BIG!

It’s like they took all the charm and innocence of the classic 60’s Ultraman style, and rather then redesign and try to make it hip, they just let it be what it should be and instead enhanced the presentation with incredible special effects and cinematography. The result is a sumptuous visual feast of Japanese Tokusatsu Superhero excellence!

There’s an Evil Ultraman! Not a clone or a fake, a real new evil Ultra character who controls an army of monsters. All the good Ultras have to stop him! Some of them have capes, because they are awesome! But then some of them go back to their human form! Other humans discover the Ultraman world! That guy at the end is the human form of a 90’s era Ultra from a different continuity! So much Ultra-stuff to digest!

Hopefully, with this level of quality, they can get the ball rolling again on more Ultraman material being released in the English speaking world. I really want to see this! But just from watching this trailer I feel like I will have to watch about a 100 billion Ultraman episodes to really appreciate the whole thing. So I suppose that’s what I’ll have to do.



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