October 18, 2009

Astro Bookmark!

With the impending release of the Astro Boy movie next Friday I’ve been quite busy with my other blog, AstroBoy World. So I haven’t much felt like blogging here. However, something related to Astro recently happened to me that was so crazy, I felt that I should share it here too.

Through my deviantArt account, someone alerted me to this interesting piece of merchandise found on eBay.

It’s a one-of-a-kind custom made Astro Boy bookmark, which was available for sale on eBay for about $4.

Isn’t that artwork something else? There is something familiar about it! Let’s take a closer look.


Yeah, I drew that. My artwork got stolen and used without my permission by someone looking to profit from it. The fact that it was only $4 doesn’t matter. I wasn’t going to see a single penny of it, and I didn’t draw that just so someone else could use it to make money.

But, honestly, I was pretty flattered by it. I’ve had all these idiots, like that Stupid Samurai wanker, show up here to insult me and my artwork, and yet someone thought my work was good enough to steal and and try to sell. Granted, that person is also an idiot for breaking copyright laws and spitting in the face of common decency, but hey, I take what I can get. And not only is this stolen artwork mine, it’s artwork of Astro Boy, the original #1 anime superstar of all time. To me, this means that I have made it! This is the big time!

Anyway, despite being flattered, I still got my revenge. I put an end to the auction. With my fists.



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