November 2, 2009

Busy and Bearded.

It’s been quite an eventful time.

The weekend before last I saw the Astro Boy movie. You can read my spoilerific review here. Or you can just go see it yourself, which you should do, because the movie is great, the critics who don’t like it are morons who missed the point entirely, and Astro is one of the greatest characters ever who was created by the God of Manga and thus deserves our support. So there.

After that I took part in the second Manga Workshop taught by Svetlana Chmakova. I created a manga about chefs. I’ll have to finish it some day. Good stuff all around.

Then, this past week at the art academy I teach at, I wound up working 4 days in a row. Included in those days was a special Halloween workshop, where I taught about drawing monsters. Of course, since it was Halloween, I had to wear a costume. So I went as a Jedi. I don’t have any in-costume pictures yet, but I was a pretty cool looking Jedi if I do say so myself.

Of course, to really pull of the Jedi look, I grew a full beard this month. Here’s a picture I just took.

Fully Bearded Ninjatron

I’ve gotten used to it and I’d have to say that it’s actually not a bad look in spite of the funny face I’m making there. Now that my Jedi performance is behind me, I could just shave it back down to my previous goatee and sideburns look. But I wonder if I should keep it for awhile longer. Hmmm. Thoughts?



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