December 25, 2009

Evil Christmas

Happy holidays, folks. Hope everything’s good with you all. I’m not usually the kind of guy to get into the Christmas spirit, and, well, this year is no different. I’m just a humbug sort of bloke, I suppose. But this year is especially so. I’ve been trying to finalize the character roster of the long-awaited Anime Injustice Gang, and thus I have surrounded myself in evil. I’m reading everything I can about villains in trying to pick the best lineup of evil characters, as I want to at least make a decent attempt at finishing the artwork before the year ends. After taking suggestions and researching for months, I think I’m about ready to finally make it happen.

My first term at the art academy I’ve been teaching at is finished, and quite successfully. I’m very happy there and they seem very happy with me. The results have been quite impressive in how much some of the students have improved. It looks like I’ll be working there more in the winter.

Amazingly enough, I got a nice holiday message from everyone’s favorite racist sociopath, The Stupid Samurai! He wished me a, well, less than Merry Christmas (in less then jolly terms that I will not share here) and chose to take the time to brag that he has been busy having a life. The details of this supposed life go unmentioned, so I am only left to assume what this alleged life may entail. Clearly it can not possibly be that fulfilling, as he seems to have plenty of time and pent up energy to spend writing messages rife with poorly thought-out insults and inexcusable spelling mistakes to someone he doesn’t even like (where as I, on the other hand, simply enjoy keeping a weblog when I get the chance).

I would like to remind the aptly named Stupid Samurai that The Anti-Ninjatron Clan is still awaiting his contribution, and that this would be a much better, more effective way to express his message of hatred. It does not need to be a holiday or special occasion for “The Shogun of Simpletons” to accept my invitation, and I wish to clarify that if he really believes what he says, he will sign up to the board with a valid e-mail address and post. So, unless he is a coward, he will do that. But, hey, he’s one of those rare individuals that has a life! We’ll be lucky if we ever hear from him again!

That’s it for now. See you next year. Probably.


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