February 10, 2011

Somehow, 6 Screens

As if it were destiny that I continue to become more like my hero, Doctor Doom, my desk now looks like this:

 Yes, there are 6 screens. Hardcore! Let’s look at them in order.

First is the 21 inch monitor hooked up to the computer I do most of my art on. I watch video and Blu Rays on it too. It also has a TV card so I can watch regular cable TV. Hey look, Conan is on!

Below that is my Wacom Cintiq 12WSX. I’ve had it for about 2 years now. It’s been a life changer. I’ve got a work-in-progress going there but you can’t really see it. Suspenseful!

Then there is my laptop, an 18.4 inch Acer which I’ve also had for about 2 years. It’s still pretty awesome escept for the fact that it still runs Windows Vista. I don’t usually set it up on the desk like this. Here it’s playing Spore.

Then there’s my regular everyday surfing computer, which has 2 monitors. The one on the left was just sort of found somewhere and given to me. I have it turned on its side because that’s the only way it’ll fit with everything else on the desk. I’ve got an old Wacom Graphire hooked up there. I put my Twitter on so I could read my own tweets because I think I’m pretty funny.

Lastly is another computer, because 3 computers was just not enough. Actually, no. It’s from work. They asked me to take it home to test out a few things and see what it could do. I won’t be keeping it here forever. It’s got a brand new Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch hooked up. In fact, 10 of those arrived at the studio this week! Oh yeah, something big is going on!

Will talk more about this exciting development later.



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