Well, it’s not a big secret if you’re following me on Twitter, but for those of you who missed it, I shaved my head again.

2006 was the last time I shaved my head. I liked it like that so I don’t really have a good reason as to why I stopped and let it grow long. I think I just wanted to try and be a normal person for awhile. So much for that! For a short while I was maintaining it and getting my hair cut regularly, but eventually just gave that up and let it grow.

It had gotten pretty long over the years and I knew the time was coming to do something with it. I wanted to get a passport photo done and knew that I wasn’t going to keep the long hair forever. Besides that, I felt that it was time to return to what I considered my true self. The long hair was cool, but I always knew it was temporary. In my mind I was really a bald bandanna badass.

So, last week, right before Easter, my pony tail was cut off to be donated to people who make wigs for cancer patients. I wanted to make sure that I waited for my hair to be long enough to donate before I cut it all off. The asymmetrical mess that was left behind got clipped down as far as I could. It was like cutting through barbed wire with a kitchen knife. So, for the first time ever, I busted out the shaving cream and sliced it all right down to the skin. It’s been several days now so it’s starting to really grow back, but I will be keeping it at least down to peach-fuzz as often as possible.

The one thing that I can say about the difference between going from having long hair to having no hair is that the back of my neck feels really cold most of the time. I’ve got my bandanna keeping me warm up top but there is definitely something missing in the back. The other major difference is that I had to get rid of my awesome Go Nagai sideburns. I think bald guys with long sideburns look stupid, so they had to go. Hopefully my Koji Kabuto-esque burning justice didn’t go with them.

At any rate, bald Ninjatron is back. Commence with the quaking with fear!



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