August 8, 2011

TFcon was Awesome.

Well, I said that TFcon was going to be awesome, and sure enough, it certainly was. The weekend was full of fun times and good friends, united by our love of Transformers. It was also exhausting though, which is why I’m only getting to talk about it a week later.

I don’t have too many pictures, and the ones I do have are just from my phone’s camera, but at least I can give you a small glimpse of what the show was like.

Reproductions of Barricade and ’77 Bumblebee were there.

Here’s a video I found on YouTube featuring a portion of the script reading from the comic I drew. There are some unintentionally funny moments.

Transformers Costumes are becoming a bigger deal with each new year. These two were really impressive.

Speaking of dressing up, I rocked my cyan necktie and captained my team in the annual Faction Feud trivia contest. We all wore ties and bandannas, calling ourselves the Ninja Consultants (like Sixshot in the Headmasters anime). Our visual style won the crowd and served us well, but we were defeated in the final round, losing only by one answer. In spite of tasting the bitterness of defeat, it was a lot of fun and I vow that the Ninja Consultants will return for our revenge next year.

Later that night, at the hotel bar and restaurant, we were all treated to an impromptu concert by actor Garry Chalk, who in addition to being Optimus Primal, is also quite the musician. Truly a magic moment and you just had to be there to really experience what it was like. Luckily, we do have video.

I make a brief appearance in this video, still in Ninja Consultant attire. Thanks to Guber for uploading this and several other TFcon 2011 videos (though some of them have saucy language, so you probably shouldn’t watch any of those).

And here is all the cool stuff I bought at the show. I took home 3 Leaders, 3 Ultras, 3 Voyagers, and 12 Deluxes. I brought a lot of money, plus I sold a few things, including all my art prints, but did not spend it all. Perhaps I should have. However, there’s a sale at Toys R Us on right now, so have bought some more stuff since.

In all, it was another amazing convention. This show has constantly delivered year after year, getting better and better each time. This time around we were at a new hotel, and there was some concern over how it would be in a different venue, but the place was great and all the hotel staff were incredibly nice.

My sincere thanks to everyone who was involved in making TFcon a success this year. And I would also like to thank everybody who complimented my work on the comic. It means a lot for me to contribute to the show in some small way and to know that my hard work is enjoyed by everyone else.

Now the only thing left to say is that TFcon 2012 is going to rock!



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