September 5, 2011

Fan Expo Follow Up

Overall, FanExpo was pretty good this year. Everything ran fairly smoothly and there were no major problems. It was honestly not that special, coming from a guy who has been going to this convention and several others for over a decade, as it just didn’t have that “can’t miss” memorable moment for me, and thus was a bit “by the numbers” in some respects. However, after last year’s disaster, it was just good to go and not see things devolve further into a complete failure this time around.

It was good that the show has expanded into 4 days, and that made the first 2 days really chill and less frenetic than these sorts of shows often tend to be. I appreciated that, but I just wish there was a bit more to do at any given time.

Anyway, I don’t really do the big convention reports anymore as they just take up too much time, but I’ve got a few pictures that I took with my phone that I can share here.

This dead Abin Sur stood out right away. I wanted to buy it.

Giants Kreon Optimus and Bumblebee at the Hasbro booth. I was talking to the ladies working there, telling them that I love Hasbro and asking how I can work for Hasbro. The only real answer I got was “Luck“.

Paper Mario and Peach cosplay, such as it is. Really it was more like Corrugated Plastic Mario.

Transformers Devastator on the left and Arcee on the right surround an impressive cosplay of 70’s anime super robot Raideen!

I absolutely had to take a picture of this cosplayer dressed as Noriko from Gunbuster, as that is one of my all time favorite series. You just don’t see Gunbuster cosplay very often.

Droid girls! C3P0 is big sister, and thus forced little sister to be R2D2. Very creative abstract take on these characters.

Definitely one of the better TMNT costumes I’ve seen, along with Teen Wolf or something.

Wish I could have taken a few more pictures but, as you can see, the camera on my phone is not the best so I didn’t put a priority on it. You can see a few other things I was Tweeting about over the weekend and some of thus stuff I bought on my TwitPic page.

I did go to a few panels. Saw some artists, Star Wars producer Gary Kurtz, and Freddy Kruger himself Robert Englund. All worthy events, but again, wish there was more. At any rate, I didn’t die from either boredom or misadventure so it’s all good.

I wanted to talk about this a lot earlier but I became preoccupied after yet another hard drive died for no reason at all. This one was an external drive I bought only a few months ago to act as a backup after the last hard drive died. This made me incredibly angry, and the universe has yet to suffer the extremes of my wrath.



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