October 9, 2011


This past summer I saw Weird Al Yankovic live in concert. I’ve been a fan for years and this was the second time I saw his show (You can read about my first Al concert experience here and here). The first time was great, but this year’s concert totally blew my expectations away. It was kind of epic. Kind of really epic. He performed much of his newest album, some of his best loved classics, and a few great surprises too.

Unfortunately, the pictures I took on my phone didn’t really turn out all that clear, but that doesn’t really matter because there was something special about this particular stop in his tour. Al picked Toronto to be the location for his concert DVD, so the whole thing was filmed. This Alpocalypse Tour was released last week on DVD and Blu Ray. It ROCKS!

Other than the work of Weird Al, I’m not really a musically inclined person, but it’s still really cool to have a lasting memento of an amazing concert that I can now watch again any time I want. And it’s not just any random concert out of the dozens he must have performed during the tour, but the actual one that I attended!

One thing that stands out to me now that I’ve seen the video just how much he is giving to his audience while on stage. Al is a funny guy who sings funny songs, but you could just see on his face how important it was to put on a great show. He really laid it all out there to put on a show that no one would ever forget. And now I won’t ever have to forget because I own it on Blu Ray. The picture is so clear, you can see his sweat and everything.

Of course, as I watched, the thing I was really looking for was myself in the audience. I might be in there somewhere, but alas, at first glance it appears that I may have been just out of camera range. I just can’t turn this ninja thing off.

It was just awesome that Al chose Toronto to be the place where he’d film his concert, and I’m so glad I got to be there when it happened. If you weren’t there, then watching the DVD or Blu Ray is the next best thing, and I can pretty much guarantee that you’ll love it.



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