February 29, 2012

Prime Merchandise

The Transformers Prime animated series has been on for more than a year, now into its second season, and has been without toys for pretty much that entire time. It’s only recently that stuff is coming out based on the show. So the demand has been growing for a good long time. Hasbro had planned a Toys R Us exclusive “First Edition” toy line that was to act as a prelude for the main line, and that was released here in Canada but wound up being cancelled in the US, So these First Edition items have become highly sought after and very difficult to obtain without paying crazy amounts of money. Of course, all this stuff was released after I moved away from any nearby Toys R Us stores, so I’m pretty much out of luck.

But I was able to acquire this:

Here is the Transformers Prime Entertainment Pack. Contains smaller, Deluxe Sized figures of Optimus Prime and Megatron along with 3 mini-figures of the kids and an episode of the show on DVD. Pretty good package to kick off the Prime line.

The robot figures are pretty cool for smaller versions of these characters. They are both fairly complex for their size. Megatron is probably the winner of the bunch just in terms of accuracy to his animated appearance and over all cool factor. Even as a smaller toy, he looks evil and intimidating.

Optimus isn’t bad, but his arms are too long, making the overall proportions look a bit awkward unless you try to hide it with a creative pose. Getting both Optimus and Megatron in one package is a pretty good deal all around. I like that Megatron is a little taller than Optimus.

Jack, Miko, and Raf are a really cool surprise, since, aside from the movie lines, we’ve never really had human characters included at all with actual Transforming toys in the entire history of the brand. They’re just simple figures that can’t move their arms or legs or anything, but it’s a great unexpected addition to the package.

The DVD I don’t really care about because the whole first season will be out on Blu Ray soon.

Transforming them wasn’t as simple as one might expect from smaller toys in a two-pack. There were some small fiddly bits that had to be pegged in just right. Pretty straight forward once I got the hang of it, though there was one oddity. The instructions completely miss the final step with Megatron’s conversion to his spaceship mode. It didn’t show how to deploy the wings. When I first noticed the difference between what the instructions tell you to do and the picture of the vehicle mode printed on the box, I thought maybe something was removed from the toy. But no, it’s all there. You just have to figure it out for yourself.

The kids can’t transform because they are just puny humans.

It’s good getting both of these two together so you can pose them like in the season one finale. Pew pew pew!

I really want the larger First Edition Optimus and Bulkhead, but it’s pretty unlikely I’ll be able to get them easily as those two especially have become hot ticket items. Maybe some day I’ll pay the price but for now I’m happy representing the Prime series with this package, even if it is the only Prime merchandise I get for awhile.

In fact, all my Transformers are still packed away after moving so, honestly, I’m just happy to have anything!



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