June 29, 2013

The Battle Goes On.

And it had been quite a battle since this blog was last updated.

At the end of April, school ended for the year. It was a hard battle right to end. Not only did the workload pile up, but I got really sick with a throat infection. And I mean like… really sick. I had a terrible fever and was miserable for weeks. It took 2 rounds of different antibiotics before things finally cleared up. During all of that nonsense, I was pretty much unable to get any work done, so I was granted extensions on a couple of the major projects. This was a big help,  but of course that meant I had to keep working on school stuff all through May. By the time it was all finished and submitted, it was June and I was exhausted. What a fun start to the summer!

Anyway, not that I really care about marks or anything, but all the work amounted to straight As in both semesters, so that’s all right I guess.

 Here’s a cool alien thing I made for a class in Decemember and posted a few weeks ago on my deviantART.

The Final Boss by *ninjatron on deviantART

Yeah, this was what school was all about. I’ve never really enjoyed going to school, but, clearly, this isn’t so bad. Beats taking a math class.

My birthday was this month. I spent that very special day at the dentist’s office getting an emergency procedure. After that I felt like my brains had been scrambled from the bottom up, so I didn’t do much partying. Still have to get back for another visit to finish it off. This is summer fun, let me tell you.

So even though I’m finished with school until September, I’m still hard at work. Once again, I have to finish drawing the script reading comic for TFcon. Which means I don’t really have much time for blogging right now, and probably shouldn’t have written all of this in the first place!



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