July 25, 2013

TFCon 2013!

The Canadian Transformers convention is here again! TFcon is absolutely the best time of year. In a way, its seems like it hasn’t been very long since last year’s show. Mostly because it also seems like I’ve barely done any artwork since then. I have done a lot though, it was just all for school. But after I was finished with my extended period of school assignments, I went straight into working on the TFcon script reading comic.

TFcon 2013 – Van-Guardian’s Gang by *ninjatron on deviantART

Here is the last page of the comic, featuring the convention exclusive Heroic “Gobits” Van-Guardian and Roswell teaming
up with a few new friends from another universe! Ultra Magnus, Rodimus
, and Blackarachnia join forces to take down the forces of evil.

You can read the entire 6 page story, with artwork by me, and find out more about TFcon on the TFcon Website. The conclusion will be revealed during the live script reading, featuring voice actors Jack Angel, Dick Gautier, Venus Terzo and Marilyn Lightstone as well as members of the audience.

Even though it doesn’t seem like TFCon 2012 was that long ago, it feels like ages since I’ve been to the Toronto area. It’s been way too long and I miss it dearly. Can’t wait to see all my buddies and buy all the toys. Hope to see you there too!



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