October 13, 2016


I’ve been seeing a lot of artists doing #inktober over the past few years, and this year has been bigger than ever. I thought about doing it myself, but I had something different in mind that I’d rather do instead.


I’m drawing Skeletor, everyone’s favorite villain from Masters of the Universe, almost every day this month!
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Skeletor is the perfect mix of scary and funny, and has become one of the Internet’s most famous characters in recent years. He was even in a car commercial.

For the first few days I was keeping it fairly standard and using some traditional tools I haven’t touched in a long time. But I’m looking forward to trying some new techniques and crazy styles. Now let’s see how far I can push the character of Skeletor in the realm of illustration.

You can see all of the Skeletober posts thus far right here:



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