December 24, 2016

Super Deformed Updates

This has been a long time coming, and that fact that it’s Christmas time and most people wouldn’t be bothered right now isn’t going to stop me!

I updated the Illustration page with 8 more drawings, all in my take on the big-headed style made famous in Japanese super deformed artwork. There’s Transformers, Link, Sailor Moon, Voltron, and more! These are all from this past Summer and Fall. I would have liked to have gotten them up here earlier, but I was busy making other artwork, which I’ll also put up here on in the near future.

Yeah, so, it’s Christmas and honestly I couldn’t really care less. But, hey, if you haven’t seen it already yet, have some dumb Christmas artwork right here:

I Am Not Ready for Christmas by ninjatron on DeviantArt

Anyway, I do actually hope that everyone has a nice Christmas and New Years and whatever if that is your kind of thing. As for me, obviously I wish it was still Halloween, Though honestly, this miserable year can’t end soon enough.