August 6, 2018

New Hardware

Earlier this summer I sold a few Transformers items that I didn’t want in my collection anymore. I had figured I would just use the money to buy the toys that I did want, but instead I decided to try to try to improve my situation.

I had been doing art using a Cintiq 12WX for about 9 years, and getting it was life changing at the time. It saved my aching wrist from pressing too hard and helped to make me a better, more productive artist to be sure. But it was time to move on. I found myself hunching over too much while using it, which made me less likely to draw. I had always used a screen protector with it, which had become so scratched that it was getting harder to see a clear image. I had to decide whether to get a replacement screen protector for the aging tablet or go after what I really wanted and get a newer, larger model.

Also, I had a laptop for about as long and while it was also great in its time, it was getting slow. It was still useful to me with its 18.4 inch screen and BluRay player, but I knew I would need something else before long, and hopefully I could get one that I could draw with anywhere.

I wound up making a lot more money from the sales then I thought I would, so I figured I could solve at least one of my problems get either getting a new tablet or a new laptop. Instead, I did some digging and got a used both.

My new (or at least new to me) Cintiq is the second 21UX model. It has a 21 inch screen, and it’s not a widescreen. The screen is big and bright, and there are plenty of handy ExpressKeys that I’m still getting used to. Best of all, I’ve got it attached to an Ergotron arm, so I can move it around to different positions without having to hunch over anymore and even draw while standing up if I want.

My new laptop is a Fujitsu Lifebook. This model was released a number of years ago, but it’s been refurbished and upgraded with more RAM, a faster processor, and an SSD drive. The screen can flip around and become a tablet, so I can draw using the included stylus. I wouldn’t want to use it all day for everything, but on the go it’s perfectly fine. I used it for my panel presentation at TFcon without a hitch and it’s even proved useful for streaming while working on traditional art from my drawing desk.

I couldn’t go for the absolute top of the line, but I got stuff that is good for me now and better in many ways than what I had before. Hopefully this will help take me to the next step. Whatever that is.

Also, I have a regular job this summer so I did wind up buying the toys I wanted anyway.



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