September 29, 2019

Now on Newgrounds!

I think just about everyone knows, especially if you avidly used the Internet at a certain point in time. In those early, pre-Youtube days, Newgrounds was the place to go for funny animations and games. I had not thought about it too much,  but apparently at some point, the site also became a place for artists to post their illustrations. I did not know that! This past summer, I noticed a lot of art people talking about Newgrounds, so I thought I should look into getting an account and putting some of my work there.

Unfortunately, I quickly hit a snag. The name Ninjatron was already taken, and by someone who was probably not me. The account looked like it was largely inactive for some time, but I figured there was nothing I could do about it. When I mentioned as much in a Twitter thread about artists on Newgrounds, a kindly stranger told me that I could just make an account and use it to contact Tom and have it sorted out. Well, “Tom” is, of course, Newgrounds founder Tom Fulp. My initial reaction was “Really? People can just… do that?” Seemed unlikely that I could get in touch with an important person. Well, I gave it a shot and sent Tom a message (including a line that mentioned how much I love his game Alien Hominid), and it wasn’t long before the REAL Ninjatron was finally on Newgrounds.

But that’s not all! I’ve been posting some of my most favorite artwork from over the past few years, just a few every once in awhile as not to overwhelm everyone with tidal wave of artwork all at once. On August 30th, only a few weeks after I started there, one of my pieces, Prince Frog-in-Jar and Robot Princess, was put on the front page as featured content. Wow! I mean, maybe that’s no big deal, I don’t know, but in as long as I’ve been posting artwork on the Internet, I don’t remember anything like that had ever happened to me before!

I’m still uploading older pieces and building a following a little bit at a time, but so far I’d say I’m off to a good start.

You can follow me on Newgrounds here.



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