April 15, 2020

My #SixFanarts

Hey folks. How is your quarantine going? I was sick right when the whole mess started, so I was already stuck inside. Besides that. as an artist, I don’t get out much anyway. So, it hasn’t effected my life much at all. But it’s clear that a lot of people are suffering due to the virus itself and/or the ripple effect that it’s created, and my heart has gone out to everyone who has been effected.

With everything going on in the world, people have been coming up with ways to keep themselves busy and the #SixFanarts challenge is one that has captured a lot of attention. I participated and asked people for their suggestions of what characters I should draw, and this what I came up with.


I specifically said that I would pick one character per franchise and try to focus on characters that I have never drawn before and didn’t have plans to draw in the future. I also wanted a good diverse bunch so I wouldn’t just be drawing all robots like usual. There were a fair number of suggestions but in the end we have Windblade from Transformers Cyberverse, Static Shock from DC, Akane Shinjo from SSSS Gridman, Slimer from Ghostbusters, Zero Suit Samus from Metroid, and MechaGodzilla 92 from Godzilla VS MechaGodzilla II.

It took me awhile to finish. I went in thinking that I could knock them out easily but I keep underestimating how long this style can take sometimes. But it was a fun project to work on and people seem to like it. I had fun working on it while streaming on Twitch and talking with my audience about the choices.

Now onto the next thing, whatever that is.



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