EDIT: Thanks to everyone who came to watch. It was not entirely a complete disaster, so there’s that to be thankful of!

The last one went so well, let’s do it one more time!

TFcon was originally scheduled for July this year, but due to the events of this year, was postponed to the weekend of September 4th. Well, that September date has obviously been cancelled, but if you’re looking for a dose of Transformers fandom and community, you’ll have chance to get some that weekend anyway!

How Transformers Changed Around the World” is a panel about the different ways that Transformers was presented in different countries in its early days. From commercials, comic books, localized dubs of the TV series, and retools of the figures, there was a lot that went into how the Transformers brand was rolled out internationally, and this panel will be going through many of the wilder and weirder changes in an educational and entertaining way.

I first presented this panel at TFcon in 2018, and it was a huge hit with the audience at the time. However, for me I knew it wasn’t everything it could have been, because I had so much content to organize while putting the panel together that I wound up working through much of the convention to get it done, and then I had to rush to fit everything into the allotted time while presenting. Some things got cut from the final version, some things I couldn’t even bother with attempting to include, and one thing wound up missing from the presentation due to an oversight. So this virtual version of the panel, without the worry of having a time limit, will be revised, extended, expanded, and for me, a chance for redemption!

The panel happens on my Twitch channel on September 6th! Just like the virtual convention panel I did in July, everyone is welcome, even if you’ve never been to a Transformers or anime convention before. You do not need to have a Twitch account to watch, but you will need an account to participate in the chat room. I won’t be interacting with the chat much during the presentation itself, and all notifications and redemptions will be turned off during that stretch of time. But we’ll have some time to chill from 5:30pm EST before I start the panel at 6, and then we’ll do some Q&As.

Later that night, hop into my Discord server for a surprise. More to be announced during the panel.

The virtual panel I did in July was a great success, with many viewers and a spirited discussion afterwards. It was some of the most fun I’ve had on the Internet all year, maybe ever! The first weekend of September is probably not going to be the same as July, and nothing can really substitute for a real TFcon hanging with our pals and buying robots, but we’re going to try anyway and see what happens. I hope you can be there, and please help to spread the word by posting about it on your own blogs and social media platforms. As with last time, there will not be any recordings or VOD, so don’t miss it!

After this one, no more virtual panels from me this year! And let’s hope that next year, I’ll be presenting to a room full of real Transformers fans!

EDIT: Added a Facebook Event page. Please add yourself to this page and share it on your page is you are a Facebook kind of person.