October 25, 2020

The Lights are Still On!

Hey folks! My web hosting was coming to an end earlier this month, but I am still in business, I shifted on over to another provider who isn’t charging me as much as the other guys. So far it seems like everything is still functional, so there’s that to be thankful for. Right now there is nothing new on the site, as I haven’t had time to update things, but I will make a point of adding new content in the near future. I especially need to put my drawings up on the illustration page. But you can find most of my most recent stuff on my DeviantArt.

Besides that, I got a job! I’m back to teaching art again, only this time it’s via the comfort of my own home studio through the power of zoom. Teaching through the internet has its challenges, but everyone involved was really excited about bringing me on board. The world has been a dumpster fire and I think most people will agree that this year has been tough, but I’m lucky and grateful to have something going for myself at the moment!

Finally, this weekend has been the Virtual TFcon, and I put something together for it. It’s a sneak  preview of my next panel, all about Ninjas in Transformers! You can watch it on the TFcon Facebook or YouTube pages. It will be archived there after it debuts today at 1:30pm EST.

Be sure to follow me on Tumblr too, and watch me when I go live on Twitch!