November 21, 2020

Finally, an Art Update!

It’s been way, way too long since I’ve uploaded more art around here. I haven’t been too worried about it, since I’ve been posting it on DeviantArt and elsewhere around the Internet, but I’m overdue for adding them to my real site. I think it’s important to get my art up here so that each piece has a permanent home that doesn’t get washed away in the flow of social media information. But it’s tedious to get all the HTML ready so I only do it every once in awhile, and now I have a huge backlog of stuff to get though. Well, I’m taking a chunk out of that mountain today.

Check out the Illustration page! We’ve got some are from Gundam, Catwoman, Lupin III, Bumblebee, Venom, and Han Solo. This is just the first batch for now. I’ll get some more up in the next few weeks.

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