Once again, it’s been too long since I did this. Adding new artwork to the Illustration page should be a simple process, but it gets tedious and takes longer than I think it will, so I only do it once in awhile. So I’ve got plenty of stuff to put up here, and I’ll get to the rest of the backlog eventually, but for now, let’s take care of these six.

I have added artwork of Miles Morales, Harley Quinn, He-Man, Hordak, Bumblebee, and Devilman. This artwork is all from the bygone era of 2019 from the brief period of time when I was taking suggestions for artwork from anyone who subscribed to me on Twitch. It was a fun time when I experimented on a lot of different styles and techniques, but eventually had to stop doing that when I found I was spending more time than I should have on those drawings. Fun while it lasted though!

I’ll try to do more some time soon, but hey, we’ll see. In the meantime, you can catch most of my art and other updates on DeviantArt, NewGrounds, Instagram, and Tumblr.



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