Hey, it’s been awhile around here, hasn’t it? I swear I didn’t mean to go for so long without updating. In fact, I did work on a post for a long time but didn’t like it so it’s still in the vault. I had all these plans and other things got in the way. I was especially delayed earlier in the year when I got incredibly sick, which was probably not from covid because I tested negative the day before I started feeling bad. That lingered for a long time, and as soon as it cleared up, I started a new teaching job that kept me pretty occupied for a number of months. That has ended (for now?) but I’m right into the next thing, which is TFcon!

I will be at TFcon Toronto this weekend (July 14-16), hanging out, buying toys, and presenting panels! The tentative schedule sees me presenting “Obscure International Transformers Media Rarities” on Friday at 6pm, where I’ll be showing various clips of interesting and/or weird Transformers stuff from around the world, like commercials and cartoon theme songs in other languages. Then, on Sunday at 2pm, 3 years in the making, the long awaited serious documentary about robots who are ninjas makes its debut!

Secrets of the Ninja Transformers, a project I started back when we couldn’t leave the house, is a film by me about all the known and confirmed Transformers ninjas! This is a 56 minuite video, not a live presentation, and making it a video allows me to, shall we say, indulge in certain specific stylistic qualities inspired by the material I am referencing, if you will. One might call this a labor of love, but it would be more accurate to call it a labor of destiny. However, I do not believe in fate, so I don’t actually know what this is. At any rate, for whatever reason, I did make this movie and you will be able to watch it at TFcon! It will not be on Youtube, you will have to be at the show to see it!

Hope to see you there!

Also, I did update the site recently. I added the Store page, which contains links that will take you to other platforms where I have stuff for sale based on my artwork available to order. Right now there are a few print on demand services, and I’ll just add to that page whenever I undertake any new ventures.

But if you are going to TFcon this weekend, I will have some custom stickers on hand and available to purchase from me directly. They are 2 for $5 or $15 for the set of 7, and buying all 7 will get the first 10 or so customers an exclusive secret bonus sticker.

After TFcon I’m hoping to get this place back in order with more artwork that I need to upload. Then it’s back to the grind of making new artwork! Look forward to it!



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